Monday, January 26, 2009

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Ezra is here and he's an absolute joy to us.....
I am going to switch to blogging on our main family blog from now on.

So if you enjoyed Ezra's blog, please follow him over to the
Stainer Family Blog where you can read about him and all his
awesome brothers..........

Saturday, September 20, 2008

16 Weeks...

Ezra is growing fast and is a total delight. All the brothers adore their baby brother.
We're very busy around here these days........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 Weeks Old. . .Delight

Toothless grins and double chins. . .Ezra is starting to giggle at his brothers.
Such a happy face, sunshine and bliss. . .
I like to be really close to my Mommy, and I love to kiss her. . .I am not spitting up as much so I am not so messy to hold close these days.
I am a darling baby, so sweet and tender. I am not fussy and really am the 4th baby Mommy thought I would be. This picture captures his demeanor, gentle and soft. He really is a soothing person.
Mommy loves to snuggle me.

We took some great photos the other day. Stay tuned for those fun shots.

Psalm 118:5

xo shan

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hello All,
I am writing you from a very peculiar place....Evergreen Hospital. Ezra was admitted Friday the 20th with a high fever. We hadn't had a newborn with such a high fever before, so we researched what to do and called a consulting nurse. My mom watched the boys while we packed up the wee little Ezra in his diaper only to keep him cool.

By midnight that night Ezra had undergone a septic screening for his high fever to determine why he was sick. Newborns aren't exactly great at showing what they are sick they have to run a gamut of tests to diagnose their illness.

A septic screening includes a spinal tap, urine sample via catheter, blood samples and an iv for antibiotics. Ezra eventually got a pick line put in his head to replace the iv in his arm. This way he can use his arm. His arm was taped to a board for a few days. Also, iv's in infant's hands do not last very long, so the pick line in his scalp was a better option. It's also better if you're nursing your baby. The pick line is a extremely thin tube that is inserted in a vein in the scalp and then tracks down that vein to the edge of his heart.

The emergency room, pediatric floor and all the tests/proceedures were not our first choice for Ezra. We were scared, petrified really. . .lots of tears. I had read before coming to the hospital *what* they would do to our baby boy. . .I just thought that maybe we would get there and they would say, oh he's cooling down or it's really hot out today so give him some time he'll be all better. I wasn't anticipating that he would be diagnosed with a kidney infection and have to be treated for two weeks in the hospital.

After the doctor told us Ezra's diangosis my mind went immediately to our other boys. At first we thought I would be in the hospital for two days while the cultures from the samples they took ran their course. On Sunday when the urine sample came back negative we were told that Ezra would have to be on iv antibiotics for two weeks. The doctor said if he had been a couple weeks older he could have had another form of treatment. Because he was three weeks old, he had to be monitored and needed those antibiotics through an iv drip.

The doctor sat quietly with us while we pondered our situation. We didn't even know if Ezra would be ok. Eli didn't think he could make it 2 days let alone two weeks. I would stay with Ezra here in the hosptial. Kevin and my mom would take turns caring for the boys. Kevin would bring the boys to the hospital after work to hang out with me and Ezra. There were yummy snacks in the nourishment kitchen and even a Gamecube game station on wheels.

Kevin broke the news to the boys gently. We spent lots of time talking with them. After they came to see their brother for the first time it hit them that Mommy was gonna be with Ezra. It was gonna take a long time to get through all this. We all felt broken and sad, lonely. . .

As the days have gone by, Ezra has gotten better and better. The tear filled phone calls come less frequently. Occasionally, Sterling breaks down, but he's still a really young guy. The time is ticking away and now that we're to Sunday night I can see the light. The boys come to play with us in our hospital room. We talk and they boys try to not be too wild. We eat yummy snacks from the nourishment kitchen and even a Gamecube game station on wheels. We get all caught up on hugs and kisses. The boys try to keep their hands clean per my nagging (save Ezra any other bacteria from the outside world for right now) They are dying to get their brother home.

Enjoy all these photos. . .they aren't in any particular order. Please stay tuned for more photos.....I think I should have more up on the blog soon.

Love to you all from Hotel Evergreen (Hospital) My friend Debbie says it's nicknamed that.
We are just chillin' here, taking our lemons and making lemonade. I am so thankful for this unexpected strange time with Ezra. I have time to hold our baby as much as I want. We can nap if we like and just be together. Soon we'll be back in the real world. I can't wait to be home reunited as a family.


2 weeks old. . .
2 weeks old

1 week old
Sage and his baby bother
Ezra 1 or 2 weeks old
2 or 3 wks old

3 wk old feet
Ezra and me in the hospital, 4 wks old
Ezra with Sterling and Eli. . .3 weeks old
2 weeks old I think
1 week old....
New baby Ezra with his big brothers!!! OUR LITTLE MEN ARE SO HANDSOME!!!
Ezra in his moby wrap. He's a sweet little pea in his wrap. If you haven't seen a moby wrap, think African Mama and a baby carrier that consists of about 10 feet of fabric. You wrap it strategically and voila baby feels like he's in the womb still. I can fold laundry or tidy up with Ezra in his wrap. It does get a little toasty with a little bebe and all the fabric, but it's worth it! My friend Debbie got me the moby wrap and I love her.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ezra's Email Announcement...

Ezra Aaron Stainer
born: 27 May 08 @ 8:05 pm
8lb 9 oz, 22 in long

God has been very good to us. We are humbled by His love.
He's been so generous to give us another beautiful son.

Kevin, Shannon, Sage, Eli, Sterling, and Ezra Stainer

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ezra Has Arrived FINALLY!!!

Ezra Aaron Stainer arrived yesterday, Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 8:05pm
He weighs 8 lb 9 oz and is 22 inches long.

We are all resting and enjoying this beautiful baby. I am so glad he's finally here!

Stay tuned for more photos......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

40 Weeks + 3 Days

Ok, so it's is flippin' hot here right now. I'm getting ready for bed and a fan blowing on me all night. We decided to get out of the house this afternoon and head to the river. The river is extremely high right now from the snow melting we had to redirect to Flowing Lake. The river was also GLACIAL was bizarre to be so hot and then have your feet freeze off in the water. Eli braved the water with his daddy up to his knees. The other boys got their toes wet and balanced on rocks. The water was rising while we were there.

Flowing Lake was relaxing. My mom and I knitted while the boys floated. I think barring an appearance of Ezra, we'll return there tomorrow for some food and more floating. The water is nice and clean and the swimming area is shallow. They even allow dogs there with leashes and proper owner clean up of doggie messes. Pug had fun, but he needs a towel to lay on next time. He is a fickle lap dog. No laying on rocks or sand for him.

So, I feel like the baby is getting ready to be born. We'll see. I have gone in to labor 10 days early, 12 days late, and 2 days late with our prior pregnancies. It's up in the air at this point. I am glad to not have a OBGYN breathing down my neck at this point. I can't imagine I'll make it to my appointment on Wednesday. If I do end up going much over due, I will just assume my due date was off by a couple weeks. I pray for sanity to just be patient and not anxious.

Stay tuned for more photos and maybe even a picture of us soon with our little Ezra. I hope to see him very soon.

If you're in Washington and experiencing this heat wave, stay cool, and know our cooler maybe even rainy weather shall return inevitably. My weather forcast on Firefox says 71 tomorrow and then Monday will be 67.

Much love....
Here's my big boys @ Flowing Lake, we went back the lake Sunday afternoon. We were much more prepared today. We went to Fred Meyers and got floaties and water squirters...picnic food. The boys had a terrific time. I love how much they love the water.Pudge @ the river yesterday. He is so photogenic.....handsome pug. He hates water though, some day I will get him all the way in a natural water source. When we went to the ocean this summer, he did end up eventually walking in the very shallow tide.
I finished Ezra's quilt. Kevin had to hold it up for me because I couldn't get a good, straight shot of it on the floor. I think Kevin is hilarious. He gave the quilt eyes and legs. He makes me laugh.......... The black and white floral print below is the quilt's back. I bought this fabric at IKEA, it was a really great price, too...I made a matching changing pad to match the quilt. It's crazy quilt style. It's not lopsided, but the camera distorted the image. I didn't take a picture of the back because it is black fleece, not too exciting of a picture.

And...last but not least, one last knit item for Ezra's layette. Baby leg warmers. Knit in a lovely dusty purple color....almost blue-ish purple. I can get you the pattern I created for them. It was pretty easy. I knit them at the same time on two circular needles. They are made out of Wool Ease yarn on size 3 needles. We'll see how they fit on his little legs. If he has chubby thighs then they won't fit him very long.